Lelo and Philani’s Vivacious Wedding

29 Jun Lelo and Philani’s Vivacious Wedding

Lelo… the special bride who blew into our lives and simply made us giddy! Bubbly, happy Lelo is the epitome of a Splendid bride! Her zest for life, enthusiasm and love for bright colours inspired us for a year! Every time we opened Lelo’s file and spent time designing her wedding, it was exciting and fun. Everything just seem so easy and everything fell into place beautifully. The flow of design, the ideas we created were so awesome that this one wedding simply could not wait for!

In terms of design, our main challenge was to pair bright pink with gold, make it elegant a fresh. Red Ivory was a lovely choice and a perfect backdrop for what we were planning to do. There is always something so special when working with bright flowers. When the truck with flowers arrived and we opened boxes with these intoxicating vibrant blooms we were in awe and we knew this wedding is going to be something else! Imagine, thousands of roses, tulips, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas all in perfect condition, ready to look ever so stunning at Lelo and Philani’s Wedding.

We will let these breathtaking images, taken by Ryan Graham Photography, to speak for themselves. You simply have to watch magnificent video clip shot by Verve (see link bellow) to experience just how stunning this wedding was! Lelo and Philani, your wedding day will be in our hearts forever!



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