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My name is Eve and I am an international wedding planner.
I specialise in creating beautiful wedding celebrations for couples seeking unique experiences.

I know how tricky and stressful it is to evaluate and choose a wedding planner, but the only way to know if we are a right fit is by having a conversation. We can set up time for video call and you will be able to ask me your questions.

And if you are passionate about traveling, experiences, authenticity and have tremendous love for life... and happen to appreciate incredible food and live music then we'll be happy together!

Chat soon!



Moodboards are a very useful tool we have when designing a wedding.

Creating a mood board is one of the best ways to bring your your to life. Mood boards help you clearly visualise your wedding styling concept, while also ensuring your colours, materials, styling ideas and overall aesthetic work together cohesively.

My 5 tips for creating an amazing mood boards:
  • Don't use wedding related images only. Try to think in terms of colour, texture, location and other unique objects that represent YOU!
  • Thank in terms of colour and hues! Colour doesn't exist on it's own, consider other aspects of your theme - natural or dramatic, soft colours or striking tones, location, time of the day and formality
  • Use 5 images per page 
  • Split your board based on progression of the day - Styling elements - colour, flower selection, textures, stationery gifts; Bridal prep, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and after party
  • DIG DEEP. Amazing design doesn't come from one inspirational images. It is about unpacking what appeals to you, why it appeals to you and and how you can elevate your existing wish list to higher levels.
You can create your mood boards in Point Point or Canva. Enjoy!

Here is an example of a moodpboard created for a client and actual event I designed for them:
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