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My Five Tips for Planning a Wedding Right Now

Planning a wedding during the pandemic can be less fun than one would think. There is so much uncertainty, doubts and negativity. Many couples planning a wedding are facing challenges others never had to in the past.

Today, let’s focus on how to stay positive and focused during the upcoming months.

Tip 1:
Stay away from negativity. If someone accuses you being irresponsible for wanting to have a wedding, shrug it off. Chances are those people are ignorant of your wish to start a family, your value of traditions or they simply didn’t consider your situation enough to warrant a thoughtless remark.

You can have a safe and wonderful wedding observing all restrictions and implement a strict health protocols.

Tip 2:
Make a list of tasks that need to be done regardless of timeframes.
For example, doesn’t matter when your wedding will take place, you will need to choose your important songs, work on ceremony script, write your vows, choose your menu. Think of the tasks you can do now, to save yourself headache later on.

Sign up for my Virtual Wedding Planning Package and you will gain access to a comprehensive checklist that will be set up for your wedding time frames.

Tip 3:
Stay flexible. Plans may change . Some guests might not be able to attend the wedding and you might have to face certain restrictions but don’t let those details bring you down.

Tip 4:
Stay focused! You are getting MARRIED! You and your fiancé are about to start a wonderful life together and there will be amazing adventures awaiting you. A wedding day is just the beginning. So no matter what happens, take a deep breath and know that no matter what happen with weddings plans, your wedding day will be magical because it will be the beginning of a magnificent new life for you both.

Tip 5
Take time for self-care. During this time, it’s easy to forget about the importance of stress management. Popular media loves portraying a stress out bridezilla on the verge of mental break down, but this doesn’t have to be you. Taking time out to exercise, spend time with your loved ones, walk your pets, meditate and just know that when your wedding day will come, it will be AMAZING! Bubble bath, lit candles and soothing music can do wonders for your soul.
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