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Wedding Ceremony Trends 2023

Another big wedding trend we're seeing for 2023 is creative ceremony backdrops. Couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to their ceremony décor, gone are the days of arches and hoops adorned with penny gum. 

The wedding arch is not just an element of decor, it symbolises the vault of heaven, because, as is commonly believed, the most durable marriages are made in heaven. In addition, the arch promises prosperity, prosperity and happiness to the new family - hence the idea of creating a piece of art for each couple. 

The arch will feature in half of the wedding photos, including some of the highlights of the event: the vows and the exchange of rings. Therefore, its design is an important and responsible mission. Decide on the shape of the arch: square, rectangular, round, in the form of a wigwam, sectional. Then decorate it in the general style of the celebration: flowers, ribbons, inscriptions or marvellous weaving using macrame technique.

Pro Tip 💁🏼‍♀️ When designing a ceremony backdrop think “SCALE” especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony, you are competing with nature and its grandeur. Your structure should be at least 4 meters high to make a statement. And of course safety is always important, so make sure your structure is wind proof.
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