"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling" - Fabienne Fredeickson

Splendid Wedding Company creates beautiful, stylish and elegant weddings


We set trends, define beauty and inspire brides around the world. We are passionate about weddings. We believe that life and love meant to be celebrated. We love creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


Meet The Team


The creative force behind Splendid Wedding Company.

Beautiful weddings happen with an amazing team! We are proud to have an incredible in-house team and we work with the best people in the industry, always striving to give our clients exceptional service and incredibly beautiful wedding setting!



“I fall in love with my clients and I fall in love with their love stories. I want to make them happy. My passion comes from sheer drive to give the bride and the groom an incredible day filled with wonderful surprises and happy memories. I want to create a day that forever remains special!”
Eve Poplett







“I am a serious romantic and believe that a wedding day signifies the ultimate love. It is a day when even your wildest dreams can be created and magic seems to manifest. I love every day of what I do and absolutely LOVE seeing a joyous celebration come together.”
Ashley Olivier



Some days are glamorous and others are not, but our work is always beautiful and makes a lasting impression.
We are proud to be SPLENDID!

Splendid Wedding Company offers personalized wedding planning services. We take an exclusive number of weddings because we dedicate ourselves to giving our client the attention they deserve during the wedding planning months. Our weddings are designed and crafted for every couple and creating a Splendid wedding takes time. Mood board creation, sketches, searching for ideal accents, ordering ribbon from exclusive stockists and perfecting monogram designs are all part of making a Splendid Wedding a unique and special exprience.  We have a decade of experience in planning weddings for the most incredible people. We cannot wait to meet you and design the most amazing wedding day for you!

Here are some of out behind the scenes photos of how we create SPLENDID weddings. All the work featured in our Portfolio along with hundreds of weddings produced over the past 10 years were planned, conceptualised and executed by our SPLENDID team. We do it!