Dedicated to the art of meaningful celebrations, to finding inspiration from across the globe and bringing dreams into reality . From concept to creation, it is all about the SPLENDID experience...
We thrive on creating unforgettable experiences.

The Splendid wedding collection is made up of weddings planned and designed for passionate world travellers, businessmen and professionals who enjoyed the combination of a refined style, passion for creativity and a systematic approach to wedding planning - brining unparalleled creativity, bespoke service, an innate style and unmistakable excellence at every level.

We believe that the union between travel and celebration is an art form, where wealth of experience meets magic, it's one we have spent years perfecting – adding a fresh, intuitive, inspiring and always unexpected touch to everything we do.
A SPLENDID WEDDING is always ICONIC and will stand the test of time!
In 5, 10, 20 and 50 years you will be proud of your wedding day and a stylish and sophisticated way your wedding was designed and created.
Each wedding is unique.
Our wedding plans are inclusive of a wedding venue, catering, bar, photography, videography, entertainment, styling, cake, stationery and each plan comes with specific allocations to each category.
R500 000 - R1 000 000
Elegant and tasteful!
All the most necessary services for a stylish and intimate wedding celebrated with your loved ones in a beautiful setting.
From 1 000 000
Stylish, beautiful and sophisticated.
For those who want a stunning wedding that is trend setting, focused on entertainment and made up curated choices.
Price on Request
Exquisite and unique and at the world's most unique locations - you choose!
For those who want to spoil themselves and surprise guests and have an ultimate wedding experience
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"I am well known and respected for the professional experience and exceptionally unique wedding designs I create.

I love discovering the couple's story and then use their story as an inspiration that allows me to create a unique wedding that is beautiful and unforgettable"
- Eve Poplett
  • Africa, and the world
    I am well traveled and have visited and worked in exciting destinations around the world.

    Born in Uzbekistan, I grew up in Africa. I have travel and worked in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, DRC, Zambia and Uganda, as well as Dubai and Moscow.

    I love discovering new and exciting locations for wedding celebrations.
  • Passion and Style
    Working together we can combine passion with efficiency, personality with originality, dreams with detail and perfection with celebration.

    Planning an event from beginning to end should not be just a checklist, but a journey which you enjoy every step of the way. Let me worry about the boring things so you can enjoy your wedding journey.
  • I organise weddings on a turnkey basis
    I am responsible for the whole process of wedding planning starting from the selection of the wedding venue and ending with the farewell of the last guest.

    I am there every step of the way.
    I have planned Christian, Traditional, Greek, Italian, Jewish and Muslim weddings and I loved learning the different ways cultures celebrate love and marriage.

  • Individual approach to every couple
    I take on a limited number of weddings to dedicate time to yours in order to achieve the best results. This makes me approachable and available.

    I have worked with couples from across the world - UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Rwanda, DRC, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Germany. Distance wedding planning is easier than you think thanks to technology and post-pandemic adaptation in the working environment.
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Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa | Moscow, Russia
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